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We have one on one and group programs that meet on-line once a week for 9 weeks, we also have retreats/summer camps, take a leap our LIfe Empowerment Action Plan and change your life for the better.


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Life coaching support for your specific issue by a trained expert with a Master’s degree in both Transformation and Integrated Psychology.

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Great articles with information on many subjects that intend to help you to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. It’s what we wish we knew or learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

About Girl Power 4 life

We are non-profit organization intended to empower young and adult women to develop a strong sense of self-esteem, inner strength, and passion for life.
You are amazing, believe it or not, and we want to help you know just how amazing you are!

“Low self-esteem has its origins when we are young, typically before the age of six. It begins with someone saying or doing something that causes a child to get the idea that he or she is unlovable, unworthy, imperfect, flawed, or defective in some significant way. Whether the child buys into an unkind word or deed, perhaps experiences a bullying episode or an abusive situation of some sort, or misinterprets what others said or did in such a way that has them feel less than, not good enough, unlovable, or like they don’t belong, this initial upset has children begin to believe there is something wrong with them. They then scan for evidence to “prove” to themselves that their initial fear was correct…and, of course, they find plenty of episodes that reinforce that there is something defective about who they are as a person. Over the course of years and decades, they gather hundreds or thousands of pieces of evidence that they are imperfect, unlovable, and not worthy of all the good things life has to offer. Before long, they accept this negative self-image as FACT and soon become resigned to believing that’s just how it is… and there’s nothing they can do about it!” -Stuart Cline



Yep, we have real humans working here.
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Teraysa Guinasso, MA

Founder & CEO
Life Coach, Mom, Author, Artist & Entrepreneur
Teraysa has a big heart full of compassion for young women discovering who they are and what their purpose is. At 17 she was confused, depressed and suicidal, sincerely needing a program like this. Now 51, she has spent the past 34 years studying, researching and understanding the mind/body/spirit connection. Miraculously book after book dropped into her life guiding her towards an ever expanding idea of health; mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually. She did her undergrad work at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, majoring in Art & Design and minoring in Psychology. (Where her 22 yr old daughter is in her senior year). Eventually Theresa went onto JFK University in Pleasant Hill, which allowed her to encompass and expand on her Holistic Studies. She completed her Master’s Degree in 2 programs: Transformational Studies & Integral Psychology. She has been working with clients one on one since 2006 helping them to heal, and continuing on her own healing path through Art, Dance, Music, Meditation, & so much more. Now she is full of passion to share her wisdom and insights through these newly designed programs for young women and their mothers to enhance their self-esteem. You can also visit her women’s empowerment site to learn more about her and other programs she has. www.Teraysa.com
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Brittani Musselman, BS

Health & Nutrition Coach, Writer & Entrepreneur
Brittani’s Passion in life is to empower and educate the young people in our community. The young people are our future leaders and thinkers of the world. Her main purpose in these programs is to empower and teach others that knowledge is power; power to create your life, and power to positively impact others. She believes that the mind is the most powerful resource and every person has direct access to this miraculous tool. Choosing not to utilize this resource is a frightening and lonely path. She has been working as a Health & Nutrition Coach since 2010, graduating in Kinesiology in 2011. Coaching has been a foundation in building upon her passion because it has forced her to grow and empower others in their well-being. Working with people from all walks of life has taught her an understanding and compassion of humanity. As a younger woman Brittani became an ideal teenager, following the crowd and trying to fit in. She didn’t take academics and education too seriously. Feeling as if being smart wasn’t “cool” and thought that lowering her standards she would be accepted into new friendships and socializing events to make herself feel significant. Acting as if she didn’t care about her grades and socializing was more important. As Brittani reached her 20’s life began to happen in way that she didn’t expect; such as struggles, challenges, deaths, and most importantly motherhood. As soon as she became a mother socializing and fitting in wasn’t the most important and took a lot of personal growth and self-realization to come to that conclusion. It was if she was rebelling against this realization during the first years of motherhood, and she used books as an avenue in order to grow into the person that she needed to be. Not just for herself but for her friends, daughter, and family. One major avenue for Brittani was developing her strength and mind through MANY books, faith, motherhood, and a burning desire to keep growing. She believes that educating our young people not only with facts and data, but more importantly in the power of their choices and their own voice. Acknowledging and recognizing that they have an inner strength and many gifts to share with their communities and the world they live in. Empowering them to live a life built on integrity, leadership, and power. She is excited about sharing her knowledge and experiences with the surrounding schools, communities, and people across the world. Brittani believes that partnering with Theresa Guinasso is not only exciting, but incredibly smart. She understands that both of them have a burning desire to reach out to our younger women and have very strong reasons for doing so. The two women come from two entirely different walks of life but have the exact same vision with the exact same purpose.
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Kristen Flaten

Girl Power grad & Volunteer Extraordinaire
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Smantha Moss

Girl Power Grad & Volunteer Extraordinaire
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